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Spirit Attachement



It is possible for people to encounter spirit attachments. This is when the spirit plugs into the energy system of the person and feeds off the energy. 

In these cases, I will work with the client using energy work and other methods to help free the attachment and stop the energy drain. 

If this is something you are feeling - please contact me at

The Cost?

The cost for space clearing locations is dependent on location and situation. Please contact via email at

Simply put...This is a spirit energy that has chosen not to cross over to the other-side. The spirit may be afraid of facing something that is on the other-side. It may be attached to something on this side, like a person, a place or even an addiction...or it just may be hanging out for other reasons.

Many earthbound spirits choose to live in harmony with the living...but there are a few that enjoy the attention of interfering with our lives. This is usually the best time to call someone to assist in releasing the spirit.

How it works? 

Whatever the reason, the spirit usually needs some convincing or help in moving to the light. Spirit releasement involves coming into your residence or business and making contact and helping the spirit to move to the other side.

I usually ask that you allow me to come into your space at a time when it is quiet. I would like to have access to the entire property for our session but it is not needed.

Once in the space, I will scan the property to figure out what we are dealing with and then begin the clearing process. 

Most cases can be worked out on the first visit and typically I will spend about 2 hours in a space to clear it.Although there maybe the need to return for follow-up woType your paragraph here.