Healing Sessions are $75.00 per hour 

(note: prices may vary based on location)

Discounted packages of multiple sessions are available upon request. 


Please call Bobby at 612-749-7755

Or Email at


Sessions are available in the following locations:

Hopkins - Six 6th Ave N. Suite #3 Hopkins, MN - 55343

Minneapolis at The Center - Echo Bodine
5356 Chicago Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN, 55417

Lakeville or Mendota Heights at Green Lotus Yoga and Healing

St. Cloud - MindBodySpirit
915 West St. Germain

St. Cloud, MN  56301

*Private in-home sessions are available upon request

*Distance or remote healing session are available.


A healing session is an individualized experience that is relaxing, gentle, and safe for all.  It involves healing in a way that will empower you while respecting your feelings and choices.

Energy work does not promise to cure any illness or condition or replace any medical treatments or therapies. It is an incredible way to supplement your current healing efforts and can sometimes be a way to release current blocks or attachments that are holding you back from healing.

I will begin by explaining energy work to you and what I will be doing.  Your safety and comfort are always the main consideration. Session can be done by "Hands On" or "Hands off". 

As you lay on a padded treatment table, fully clothed, soft music will play in the background. Should you prefer quiet, you can let me know;  this is your session so be sure to speak up if you have any concerns or requests.  Treatments can also be done in a treatment chair.  Your comfort and needs are always the main consideration.

Prior to the treatment I will feel your energy field by placing hands over your body to perform a scan of your energy.  This helps identify where there are areas in your energy field that may need healing before a session.  A subtle difference is felt in the hands at those areas. I will then place my hands above or lightly touching specific areas called chakras, places in the body where the energy flows through. This is never intrusive and you will begin to feel very relaxed as you allow the energy to flow to the areas where it is most needed by your body. 
If you are having problems in specific areas we can concentrate more energy there. Healing always goes where it is needed most - whether it is mental, physical, and/or spiritual.  Many clients report that they felt calm, relaxed, and sometimes even tingly during their session.  It is not uncommon for a client to present with pain and leave with none or very little.  It is not uncommon for a client to report that they had seen bright colors or specific images.

Each time you have a session, Healing meets you where you are at that moment and then moves you from that place closer to your unique place of balance. The experience is usually different for everyone and can be a great way to bring energy and balance into your life. 


Energy healing is alternative approach to bring Universal healing light into your life.

The healing energy that is channeled from a session, can affect your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. It works to help you bring these energies into balance and provides a way for you create a space for your own healing to take place. The work is based in asking the Universal or God energy to work through the healer and bring the healing energy to the client.

Bobby is trained in "Hands On" healing, as well as Reiki; He also can use his Past Life Regression work in tandem with Hands On ealing to help work with certain situations in releasing old patterns stuck in the sub-conscious.

Healing sessions are scheduled in one hour time slots. They can be scheduled in your home or in one of a few locations in the Minnesota area.