Healings and Energy Work

Energy healing is alternative approach to bring universal healing light into your life.

The healing energy that is channeled from a session, can affect your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. It works to help you bring these energies into balance and provides a way for you create a space for your own healing to take place. The work is based in asking the  Universal or God energy to work through the healer and bring the healing energy to the client.

Bobby is trained in "Hands On" healing, as well as Reiki and also uses his Past Life Regression work in tandem with Hands On to help work with certain situations in releasing old patterns stuck in the sub concious.

Healing sessions are scheduled in one hour time slots and cost can vary depending on time and location. They can be scheduled in your home or in one of our healing studios.


To find out more about a healing or to schedule a session, please call 612-749-7755 or bobbyosullivan@me.com