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Winter 2014



THE DESTINY OF THE SOUL  - Our Life between Lives

With Bobby Sullivan

I am happy to announce I will be doing a part two to my Journey of the Soul class series starting in January.  We will be digging deeper into the path that our soul takes on its Journey. 

We will be covering our purpose on earth, other spiritual settings where souls go preceding death, ways spirits connect with and comfort the living, spirit guides and the council of wise beings who interview us after each life, soul mates and links between soul groups and human families, soul recreation and travel between lives, the soul-brain connection, why we choose certain bodies, aliens, angels, ghosts, lost souls, animal souls and how our souls work and relax on the other side. + Much more…

We will also integrate meditation, group regression and other advanced techniques into deepening your experience with the material we cover.

Class cost is $25 per week or $20 per class if paid as $160 in advance as a series


CLASS TIMES ARE:  THURSDAY NIGHTS from: 7:00pm to 9:15pm at Echo Bodine’s Center. – 5356 Chicago Ave. S. Minneapolis.


Class 1. Death and How Souls Connect with Loved Ones – Thur. Jan. 9th

Class 2. Earthly Realm, Astral Plane, Ghosts etc.– Thur. Jan. 16th

Class 3. Soul Energy Restoration and How We Heal Thur. Jan. 23rd

Class 4. Soul Group Systems and How We Operate as a Soul Energy – Thur. Jan. 30th

Class 5. Working with The Council of Elders – Thur. Feb. 6th

Class 6. Our Soul Family and Its Dynamics – Thur. Feb. 13th

Class 7. The Advanced Soul and Higher Levels of Vibration – Thur. Feb 20th

Class 8. Choosing Our Destiny – Thur. Feb. 27th

To Register: email Bobby at bobbyosullivan.com or call 612-749-775

There is no prerequisite to take this class – all are welcome!




The Journey of the Soul- Our Life Between Lives

8 Class Series on Thursdays at Echo Bodine’s Center – (5356 Chicago Ave. So Mpls.)

  with Bobby Sullivan

This series is focused on viewing our lives from our soul’s perspective and examining the process the Soul goes through in learning from the lives we choose and the people and situations we experience life with. We will breakdown the Journey our souls go through and examine how all of our lifetime experiences are opportunities for us to grow and experience our life’s purpose. We will work with numerology, astrology and past life regression as tools to explore and learn about our soul’s purpose and our karma. Class times are Noon to 2:15pm

1.     Death, Dying and Departure of our last lives – Thur. Jan. 9th

2.     Transition to the Other Side  -  Thur. Jan 16th

3.     Working with our soul groups, soul mates  and guides – Thur. Jan. 23rd

4.     Developing our soul contracts and life charts -  Thur. Jan 30th

5.     Preparing to come back into our next lives –  Thur. Feb 6th

6.     The birth process and our soul’s integration into our bodies Thur. Feb13th

7.     Understanding and working with the Ego - Thur. Feb. 20th

8.     Finding our life purpose – Thur. Feb. 27th


Cost: is $25 per classand it is pay as you go. You do not need to attend each class to participate and you will have an opportunity to make up a class if you miss it. If you would like to pay up front for all 8 classes, the cost is $20 per or $160 total. (We will be doing regressions in most classes).

To Register:email Bobby at bobbyosullivan@mac.com or call at: 612-749-7755



At Mind Body Spirit in St. Cloud

915 W St Germain St, St Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 203-9630


Wednesday Jan. 22 nd - Aura Photos 2pm-6pm - cost is $30

Wed. Jan. 22nd 7-9:15 ($25) Topic "Understanding Our Ego": Discover the important part our Ego plays in our daily spiritual lives, Learn how to become aware of your Ego and how we must learn to move through it to achieve a higher perspective on our soul's purpose.


Wed. Feb. 26th- Aura Photos
2pm-6pm - cost is $30

Wed. Feb. 26th 7-9:15 ($25) Topic "Soul Mates, Soul Groups and the our Sacred Contracts" Discover how we continually reincarnate with the same group of souls and return to work out karmic situations that we have contracted to do before coming into our human lives. We will look at soul relationships of Kindred Spirits, Soul Mates and Soul Families.

Wed. . March 26th - Aura Photos
2pm-6pm - cost is $30

Wed. March 26th 7-9:15 ($25) Topic: "Archetypes": Archetypes are born of the collective soul, but they are enacted by individual souls. Their mythical dramas play out daily in our physical world. Every human being is attuned to some archetype, or two or three archetypes. Every one of us is hardwired at the level of the soul to enact or model archetypal characteristics. They are seeds sown within us. The activation of an archetype releases its patterning forces that allow us to become more of what we already are destined to be. And our individual archetypes are reflected in our desires or intentions.


Classes & Workshops at The EYE OF HORUS IN MINNEAPOLIS go to www.eyeofhorus.biz to register

Eye of Horus, 3012 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55408


Please send any inquiries to bobbyosullivan@mac.com